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General Laparoscopic Surgery

M.B.B.S., M.S(Laparoscopic Surgeon)
Dr. Manu vasudev
M.B.B.S., M.S(Laparoscopic Surgeon)

General Laparoscopic Surgery is provided with modern technology and infrastructure, supported by an associate skilled team of surgeons. The department of General Laparoscopic Surgery specializes in the treatment of all major surgeries involving breast, soft tissues, hernia, abdomen, and skin. Laparoscopic surgery is additionally referred to as key-hole surgery or minimally invasive surgery. It is mostly used in gastroenterology, gynecology, and urology. Patients receive specialized assessment, latest treatments along with clinical post-operative care, medications and a regular follow-up. The advantages of this system over ancient open surgery embody a shorter hospital keep and quicker recovery time; less pain and injury once the operation; and reduced scarring.

Merits of Laparoscopic Surgery:

  • Faster Recovery
  • Easy Mobility
  • Early Discharge
  • Smaller Incisions
  • Less Pain: Less tissue trauma and fewer post-operative pain
  • Less Dependence on pain relievers
  • Low risk of infection