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Department Of Laser Surgery For Spine & Urology

Department Of Laser Surgery For Spine & Urology provides comprehensive treatment – surgical and non-surgical for the treatment of the spinal disorders. The department specializes in providing the best diagnosis and prescribing the treatment plan that best suits the patient. We are well equipped with the latest technology and surgical brilliance to ensure the best results. Specializes in corrective spinal disorders. The team of doctors of national and international repute has performed a number of cases to treat congenital defects. In addition, We specialize in the degenerative condition of the spine – lumbar disc, cervical herniation, cervical and lumbar stenosis, adult deformity of the spine, and scoliosis. We also provide comprehensive treatment for spinal tumor management and trauma/injuries to the spine. Department Of Laser Surgery For Spine & Urology specializes in keyhole endoscopic surgery, a scarless and painless technology procedure through which all spine issues can be rectified. The surgery ensures early mobility and early discharge. The patients with chronic back pain and other slip disc issues, post the surgery, only leave with a small band-aid. It has well-formulated treatment plans for patients suffering from back pain, neck pain, spondylitis, sciatica, spinal fractures, and slip disc. The Institute is well supported by a team of specialized physiotherapists that compliment the treatment procedures performed by the doctors.


Modern innovation in the spectrum of Minimal access spine surgery, spinal surgery, or keyhole spinal surgery is executed through one or more tiny incisions or punctures through which tubular retractors are inserted. The experienced team of spine surgeons at Paras routinely performs the Keyhole Endoscopic surgery under local anesthesia. The advantages of endoscopic disc removal are:

  • Complications of general anesthesia and drugs are avoided.
  • Chances of damage to the nerve are very small since the patient is awake throughout the surgery. There is no possibility of paralysis.
  • The keyhole incision is hardly visible after a few weeks and post-operative pain is much less as compared to open procedures.
  • Recovery from surgery is very fast. The patient can start to move or walk on the same day. There is no duration of complete bed rest and the patient can join office in not many but a few weeks time.
  • Department Of Laser Surgery For Spine & Urology is a transformation that makes certain that the patients overcome their fear of opting for spine surgery.