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Department Of Minimal Access Surgery

Department Of Minimal Access Surgery offers a full range of professional surgeries – bariatric surgery and gastrointestinal surgery, general and minimal access. MAS is a method where the surgeons practice a keyhole-sized incision and do the surgeries on internal organs allowing a tiny scar as against the conventional/open surgeries where surgeons performed massive incisions. The department is provided with progressive equipment to perform easy and complicated surgeries ideal for improving the health at each stage.

Minimal Access Surgery Medical Procedures :

Abdominal hysterectomy :

Abdominal hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes your womb through an associate incision in your lower abdomen. Your uterus is a place where a baby grows in pregnancy. A partial hysterectomy removes simply the womb, and a full hysterectomy removes the cervix and the uterus.

Arthroscopy :

Arthroscopy is a method to identify and treat joint problems. Arthroscopy permits the surgeon to examine within your joint while not having to form an outsized incision. Surgeons will even repair some forms of joint injury throughout the surgical process, with pencil-thin surgical equipment inserted through additional tiny incisions.

Cervical cap :

The cervical cap is a contraceptive device that halts sperm from inserting into the womb. The cervical cap is a reusable deep silicone cup, that is placed in the vagina and put tightly over the cervix. The cervical cap is controlled in situ by suction and incorporates a strap to assist with removal. It must be fitted and prescribed by a health care provider.

Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) :

Cholecystectomy is a surgery to get rid of your gallbladder. Cholecystectomy is a common minimal access surgery, and it is done only at a small risk of problems. In most cases, you can go home the same day as your cholecystectomy.

Cholecystectomy is most typically performed by inserting a small video camera and special surgical tools through four little incisions to examine within your abdomen and take out the bladder. This is called laparoscopic cholecystectomy by the doctors.